Quality Matters

Jensen Metal is your one-stop-supplier of quality components, machines and entire systems in steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. We’ve been ahead of the game for over 40 years, and we’re here to take your business into the future.

Our goal is your success

We’re here to help your business compete and succeed. By injecting our experience, quality, efficiency, and expertise directly into your value chain. By optimizing and producing your product with exceptional finishing and attention to detail. By delivering entire systems with industry-leading quality and functionality. And by meeting every quality and certification requirement with a smile.

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Trusted by those who shape our future

We offer business enhancing solutions for the industries that shape our world. Here’s a list of the industries we are committed, but not limited to serve.


Cutting-edge tools for leading-edge clients

We want your business to be leading-edge, and we know that you need our tech to be cutting-edge. That’s why we continually invest in our more than 25 in-house processes. We’re committed to meeting an exceeding your requirements of scale and complexity - from prototypes and single component production to small batches and regular mass production at different stages of completion.


Driving change through responsible business.
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Compliance is not enough

We’re committed to following the best industry practices while constantly moving our business processes and business model towards transparency and sustainability. Our goal is not only to be a reliable partner for our customers, but also a safe workplace for our employees and a responsible part of our local and extended community.

Career opportunities

Hey! We’re hiring!

Ready for new and exciting opportunities? We’re hiring, and we’re looking for dedication, team spirit, and open minds. If you’d like to work at forefront of the industry with exciting tech, demanding clients, and world-class colleagues, we’d like to hear from you right now.

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