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Jensen Metal is your one-stop-supplier of quality components, machines and entire systems in steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Who we are

Jensen Metal is here to support and expand the power of your business.

Adding value every day

We perform by understanding your market, by sharing your vision, and by adding speed, quality, and agility to your value chain. We measure our success by your progress, and we are driven by adding measurable value to your operations every day.


We have four decades of experience to share and more than 400 skilled professionals in our team, and we’re ready to meet your requirements and integrate completely into your business model. Our 24,900 square meters of factory floor is home to 25 advanced production processes run by cutting-edge technology.

Integrated solutions

We offer you value-adding outsourcing solutions

Our services

We offer you value-adding outsourcing solutions with class-leading quality at an attractive price point within the EU. We strive to be a high-value partner that cover all your needs from sourcing through production to end user logistics. Our operations are fully transparent and responsibly driven adhering to Jensen Metal’s core values. It’s our goal to grow our business by developing yours.

Intelligent outsourcing

Value engineering


Incoming logistics

All-in-one production

All-in-one assembly

Direct logistics

Sales service

After sales

Power to grow

Intelligent outsourcing

Intelligent outsourcing

We offer you outsourcing within the EU at an attractive price point. We let you reduce tied-up capital and risk, stay flexible when facing changes, and free up resources for core business while converting fixed costs to variable expense.

Value engineering

Value engineering and quality conscious design

We help you reduce 'time-to-market' and free up design and development resources by setting up extremely efficient one-stop-production solutions for you.


Procurement and purchasing services

We shop and stock all components on your parts' list, reduce your supplier base, cut your costs, and take significant pressure off your logistics.

Incoming logistics

Handling of incoming logistics

We simplify your procurement to take the pressure off your goods' receipt process and release capital tied up in stock. We handle your incoming logistics and inspection of purchased components.

All-in-one production

All-in-one production

Our 24,900 square meters of production floor has 25 different processes for steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, enabling you to integrate all production processes for absolute control and ultra-precise timing.

All-in-one assembly

All-in-one assembly

We produce complete items in-house to bring down the number of production stages in your facilities, reducing costs, process damage, rate of error, and delay risk in the process. We even test, pack and ship your goods directly to your clients, if you want us to.

Direct logistics

Directly-to-client logistics

We offer shipping directly from our factories to your clients. We even provide custom packaging and stock spare parts for you, relieving internal pressure from handling, inspecting, warehousing, and shipping items and components.

Sales service

Sale-enhancing services

Your sales department will benefit from the competitive prices, premium quality, shorter lead times and on-time deliveries.

After sales

Brand building after-sales service

We handle your after-sales service, spare parts delivery and repair/maintenance with care and attention to detail in our workshop or at your customer’s location. We guarantee quick and efficient handling of complaints in a way that strengthens your brand and your relations.

Power to grow

The Power to Grow

Jensen Metal helps your company earn more, grow faster, take on bigger challenges, and build better relations.

Mission and vision

A trusted partner delivering the best solution

Trustworthy and efficient partner in sub-supplying

The mission of Jensen Metal is to be trustworthy and efficient partner in sub-supplying high-quality steel, stainless steel, and aluminium components, machines, and systems. We focus on customer-specific products, to meet the unique needs and requirements of our customers in a cost-efficient manner.

Being among the best in class at supplying cost-efficient solutions

  • Building lasting relationships and successful partnerships
  • Continuously improving our skills as specialist in re-design and production optimisation 
  • Developing world class value-adding services based on an in-sight understanding of our customers’ requirements
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Value adding

Every activity must create value


We keep our promises


Professionally skilled and diligent


Performance, insight and knowledge


We are responsible, fair and honest

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